Alvin “AJ” Johnson is indeed the B.E.T.T.E.R. candidate! He is the candidate that will….

BRIDGE the gap

EDUCATE the community

TRUST his ability and experience to make the difference

TRANSPARENTLY be open to making a change

ENGAGE the community

REWRITE the precinct 1 narrative



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Alvin Johnson Jr. was born and raised in Dallas, TX where he grew up in the Oak Cliff area. He attended W. W. Bushman Elementary School, O. W. Holmes Middle School Classical Academy, and Skyline Career Development Center. Not only was he a student but he was actively engaged with the things that were going on around him. During his Elementary school year Alvin was promoted to run for student body president after writing a letter to his present and current County Commissioner John Wiley Price. Alvin’s student body presidential campaign was a success as he won and led vigorously. Alvin went on to lead in other areas during his secondary education and college career. After high school Alvin attended Midwestern State University where he majored in Criminal Justice with a minor in Pre-law. During his collegiate era he also pledged Kappa Alpha Psi and joined the Most Worshipful Prince Hall Grand Lodge of Texas Masonic Fraternity where he led various initiatives.

After college, Alvin decided to begin his career in law enforcement where he put himself through the Cedar Valley Basic Police Office Course. Alvin graduated from the top of his class and was shortly afterwards hired by the Lancaster Police Department. Although he truly enjoyed his time as a patrol officer Alvin realized that his true passion was to work with the youth in an attempt to bridge the gap between law enforcement and the minority communities.

Alvin stepped out on faith and decided to transition from a Patrol Officer to the Lancaster ISD Police Department. Months after transitioning to the school district Alvin was promoted to the position of Sergeant, serving as the only Sergeant in Department history and the youngest members of the Department during that time at the age of 26. During his tenure at the Lancaster ISD Police Department Alvin served in the capacity of officer, Sergeant, Acting Chief, community liaison, Field Training Officer, instructor, Range safety officer, truancy Officer, and etc.

As an officer with the Lancaster ISD Police Department Alvin spearheaded several initiatives to add equity to the lives of the students such as Project SOS, the Truancy and Dropout Prevention program, My Brother’s Keeper, anti-bullying programs, Don’t Silence Domestic Violence program, Drug Awareness programs, and many more.

In 2012 Alvin received a vision from GOD showing him that he would be Dallas County Constable Precinct 1. This vision would enable him to continue the work that he’s done in Lancaster but it would be on a larger scale and would service not just one city but the entire southern sector of Dallas.

As Precinct 1 Constable Alvin’s objects would be to:

Bridge the gap between the community and law enforcement

Educate the community: educate them on the roles and duties of the Constable’s Office

Transparency: be transparent about things in law enforcement and thing that we do as oppose to being translucent.

Trustworthiness: regain the trust of the people that we service

Engage: become more active in the community and community oriented

Rewrite the narrative for Precinct 1

With the completion of these 6 Task (the Big 6 plan) Alvin will prove to be the B.E.T.T.E.R Candidate and best fit to serve the constituents of Dallas County Precinct 1.

Voter’s Info

Make your voice count! This upcoming election effects your well being. AJ wants to be your voice of the community. With the experience of working proudly on behalf for the community, AJ can work towards being a real answer to real problems.



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